The Important Thing about Emus

by Anna

Emu by Anna

emu bip fiil bec in the wobr.
emu dip their beak in the water.

video and pictures

What do emus eat?

Emus eat grains, flowers, berries, soft shoots, insects, and grubs. Sometimes they eat stones, dirt and tin cans! Emus even eat seeds that are in their droppings.
They usually drink water only once a day.

Why do they run so fast?
Emus are very fast. They can go far at a fast trot. When they have to they can run at 30 miles per hour. Emus run fast to get away from dingos and other predators.

Are they like ostrichs?
Emus and ostriches are both large flightless birds. The ostrich is bigger and faster than the emu. The ostrich is the largest flightless bird and the emu is the second largest. The ostrich can run up to 45 miles per hour. The emu is native to Australia whereas the ostrich is native to Africa.

Hi Anna! Here is a video and some pictures of an emu from Ningaloo Station, Western Australia. One of his eyes was injured, so we called him "Pirate." Pirate liked visiting us while we were eating lunch. - Dr. Abigail Fusaro (Mrs. Knee's daughter)

Hi, Dr. Abigail Fusaro. Thank you for the pictures. Two emus used to live down the road from me in Deerfield.
From, Anna

That's great, Anna! - A.F.



I am the one in the purple and grey fleece, jumping out of Pirate's way. My friend Collette was brave enough to pat him.