The Important Thing about Kangaroos

by Gianna

Kangaroo by Gianna

Kangaroos twitch their ears and fight.
They go in the woods and try to see food.
They eat leaves.
They have a pocket and the baby goes in there. gianna

eastern grey kangaroo

western grey kangaroo

red kangaroo

Dr. Abigail Fusaro (Mrs. Knee's daughter took this picture when she was working in Australia

This kangaroo was in the sand dunes near the ocean.


Here is a video of a 'roo taken by Dr. Fusaro in Western Australia. See how it hops!

Here are pictures of more kangaroos that Dr. Fusaro saw at a Koala Sanctuary while visiting the Gems. See the big joey jump into his mama's pouch--I think he's a little too BIG!

Here Dr. Fusaro poses with a wallaby, the kangaroo's smaller cousin.