The Important Thing about Kookaburras

by Janie

The Important Thing about Kookaburrasby Kylie

Kookaburra by Kylie and Janie

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Kookaburras eat insects.

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Kookaburras have eggs

San Diego Zoo - information and listen to the Laughing Kookaburra

photos and video

This is a kookaburra Dr. Abigail Fusaro (Mrs. Knee's daughter) saw in a koala sanctuary while visiting the Gems in Australia. She saw one in the wild near the Australian Institute of Marine Science but didn't have her camera handy. Laugh kookaburra laugh!


This kookaburra often sits on Mrs M's fence of an afternoon. It sits very still, watching the ground. When it sees a small lizard, insect or grub it dives down, picks it up in its beak and returns to sit on the fence and eat it. Sometimes it sharpens the edges of its beak on the fence.