The Important Thing about a Tasmanian Devil
by Ben
Tasmanian Devils are clean up creatures in nature, they eat other small dead creatures. They can crunch through strong bones.

They sleep during the day and stay up all night.

They make kind of a scream.

Mrs M saw these Tasmanian Devils when she visited Alma Park Zoo, north of Brisbane. Whilst these animals are nocturnal, sometimes young Tasmanian Devils come out during the day. 'Devils' usually move slowly but when they move quickly, they gallop like a horse.

Tasmanian Devils hardly have any hair on their ears. When they get excited or are afraid, blood rushes to their ears and they start to look red in colour.

Tasmanian Devils store fat in their tails so that, if food is scarce, their body has something to draw on. If you see a 'tassie devil' with a fat tail like this little one, it means they are healthy.