The Important Thing about the Whale Shark

by Christopher

Whale Shark by Chris

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they suck in little fish, like shiners, in their mouth.
whale sharks weigh as much as 2 elephants
they are as long as three giraffes.
they eat plankton, and tiny plants.

they are grey and light yellow.
they have skin that is 5 1/2 inches thick.

Mrs. Knee's daughter, Dr. Abigail Fusaro, was lucky enough to swim with a small whale shark (only about 15 feet long) in Western Australia. It was her last day working on Ningaloo Reef when this whale shark swum lazily up near where she and other scientists were snorkeling. They got to swim alongside for about an hour & also saw a manta ray, sea turtles, and a humpback whale swim right in front of them!!


Beware the strong tail.
Look at those gills!
These tiny fish swam out in front.

Can you see the remora fish attached underneath?