The Important Thing about Wombats

by Elizabeth

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What do wombats eat?

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wombats like carrots.

Sign near the wombats at the Lone Pine Koala Santuary.

they have short-legs and a very short tail
They are found in forested, mountainous areas of south-eastern Australia.

Wombats dig with front teeth and powerful claws.
Wombats have a backwards pouch. The wombat does not get dirt in its pouch over its young.
Wombats are usually nocturnal.
Wombats eat plants - grasses bark and roots

Wombats' fur color can be sandy tan to brown, or from grey to black.
Female wombats have one baby in the spring, . They have a pouch - babies stay in for 6-7 months

Dingos and Tasmanian Devils eat on wombats.

external image 220px-Wombat_burrow-Narawntapu.JPGexternal image magnify-clip.png
Wombat burrow and scat,
external image 220px-Certified_Wombat_Faeces.jpg

Here are some wombats Dr. Abigail Fusaro (Mrs. Knee's daughter) saw at a koala sanctuary while visiting the Gems in 2009.


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